Bejoy Hospitality

Bejoy Hospitality is a restaurant consultancy with a track record working with ambitious brands and getting results. Enthusiastic and passionate about the restaurant industry, we pride ourselves on understanding our client’s business, having great ideas and implementing marketing ideas and publicity strategies to the highest standard, with an enviable record of results. Our incomparable understanding of the workings of the restaurant industry and the demands of the consumer have been nurtured over years of experience and challenges any company or individual operating in the same field.


Good marketing and promotion does not cost restaurants money, empty seats do. With experience implementing publicity strategies for restaurants from 60-300 covers we understand the publicity strategies that work and can implement these to any restaurant to attract more customers. contact us

restaurant turnaround

Bejoy Hospitality will quickly identify the causes of an under-performaning restaurant. Review your restaurant and putting a plan in place to return the premises to profit in as shorter space of time as possible contact us

restaurant launches

A good launch can make or break a restaurant. We have worked on launches around the country and understand have a template which guarantees to please local customers, journalists and make the right level of noise to ensure the restaurant is busy after opening. contact us

our services

Driven by the growing restaurant sector, we have grown to become a full-service restaurant consultancy. Our committed and talented team will work closely with you to plan and execute the needs of your business work closely alongside your restaurant. We have proven experience with restaurant turnarounds, restaurant publicity, restaurant social media, brand strategy, restaurant launches and restaurant staff recruitment.

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Bejoy Hospitality, 18 Soho Square, London